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    7 Versatile Father’s Day Gifting Ideas You Must Try

    7 Versatile Father’s Day Gifting Ideas You Must Try

    Looking for the best gift for your dad this Father’s Day? Want to do something that your dad would appreciate and enjoy? You have come to the right place. Whether your dad exudes old-school masculinity or someone who simply loves everything artsy - we have brought a variety of ideas for Father’s Day gifts in 2021 - so that you can choose the best Father’s Day gift as per your dad’s personality. 

    So let’s jump in!

    1. For the Dad Who Loves to Be Punctual: Does your dad like being on time or teaches you the value of time? What can be better than giving him the best gift of time? Send a personalised gift to your dad in the form of a suitable wristwatch. Vintage style or a smartwatch - choose the best Father’s Day gift to suit your dad’s aura. If you want the whole family to gain benefit from the gift, you can always choose from a range of wall clocks to go with your house. From unique wall clocks to classic ones, we’ve got you covered. Most importantly, since we are talking about time - the best gift you can give your dad is spending some quality time with him.
      7 Versatile Father’s Day Gifting Ideas you must try
    2. For the Tough Dad: This Father’s Day gifting idea is for the tough guy dads. Is your dad the quintessential man who loves fixing things with tools and hardware? From woodwork to simply fixing the broken wall - who knows your rough and tough dad more than you? This Father’s Day, gift him something durable and something you would enjoy working with. Power tools, industrial tools, rivet guns and accessories, etc. - you name it, and we have the collection for you! Put yourselves into your father’s shoes, think about what he might really love and choose a tool from a huge range. Get your hands dirty and build that backyard deck with your dad this Father’s Day. Have fun!

    3. For the Tech-Savvy Dad: Is your dad someone who likes all things tech and gets highly enthusiastic when a tech giant releases something new? We totally get your dad! Who wouldn’t love to be upto date with technology? Find a gift your tech-savvy dad would go gaga over. If your tech-savvy dad is someone who loves to make your home a smart one - these are some of the best gifts that will make him happy and at the same time improve the home. Some of these include: security-conscious CCTV cameras, gadgets driven by USB charging only, decorative USB-powered LED strip lights and many more!
      If you want to give a more personalised Father’s Day gift to your tech-driven dad, go for our ultimate range for smartwatches with amazing new-age features.

    4. Dad Whose Style is Always on Point: Whether a classic look or a quirky one, is your dad’s style always on point? From rushing to the office to meeting for family get-togethers, you can always notice your dad getting the outfit totally right! Make this Father’s Day a fashionable affair for your dad. You can opt for personalized personal care kits for your dad to take care of himself. Or, you can let your dad’s style be right on point even in the gym by gifting him edgy gym accessories. Go for a classic gift that will never go wrong - choose from the versatile men’s watch collection. If you want to look for quirkier and stylish gifts for your dad, we have a range of classy phone cases for a variety of phone brands to flaunt like an accessory. So explore and compile the best possible combo for your fashionable dad!

    5. Car Frenzy Dad: Car lover? Consider his car like his own baby? Spends more time with the car? That’s right - you definitely know that your dad is someone who loves his car. Add a feather to this passion and do something interesting related to the car this Father’s Day and delight your dad. The simplest way to start the day is to wash his car for him. A simple gesture like this will definitely light up a smile on his face. Now you must be thinking of giving something tangible to him as a gift. Wait for it, we’ve got something for you. 
      You can enhance the interior décor of the car with the right products like neon strip lights, a savvy car seat gap organiser, mini car air freshener, USB car charger and many more. Pro tip: Before buying the gift, get cues and hints from him on what he is missing on the car interior and voila! You gift him exactly what he wanted for the car. Wouldn’t that make you the best child ever to your dad! Above all, you can go for a long drive with your dad in the car and spend some amazing quality time with him.

    6. Stay-at-Home Gifting Ideas: With the pandemic pushing people into their homes, stay-at-home celebratory ideas have emerged for various occasions. For a special occasion like Father’s Day, you can simply start the day by preparing breakfast for your dad. Make it special with a small token of love in the form of a gift like a classic wristwatch or a wireless charger he has been longing to buy. 
      You can decorate the garden area especially for that evening to let your dad have a good time with you and the rest of the family. The backyard or the garden area can be decorated with LED strips or fairy lights. Add some garden furniture for the family to relax and you’re good to go. Your dad deserves an evening like this and you can make this happen.

    7. Quality Outdoorsy Time With Dad: Do you and your dad love spending time outdoors in nature and love adventure? Then you definitely should think about enhancing that experience for your dad during this Father’s Day. Remember to steer clear of crowded places, and what better than going out in the wild and spending quality time together. Get your hands on reliable camping essentials and gear from a huge range of products. If your dad is more of a boating person, we’ve all the boating essentials for you to buy.

    Finally, remember that it is ultimately about making your dad happy and spending some quality time with him. Celebrate this Father’s Day with joy and safety!

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