Aromatherapy Diffuser 200ml Bluetooth Speaker Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Waterless Auto Shut


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Aromatherapy Diffuser 200ml Bluetooth Speaker,Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier,Portable Waterless Auto Shut-off, Timer, Adjustable Mist Mode . Black version no Bluetooth

Product details

Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.2 inches

Shipping Weight: 700g

Material: PP, ABS

Capacity of Water Tank: About 200ml

Noise Level: Less than 36 dB

Input: AC 100V-240V/50-60HZ

Output: DC 24V 500mA

Most Advanced Ultrasonic Technology: 2.4MHz

Vibrating Sound Waves Create An Ultra-fine Aromatherapy Mist. This Diffusion Method Doesn't Utilize Heat, Which Maintains Esential Oil Integrity And Holistic properties. Run Your Hands Through The Mist, You Will Notice That It Is Cold Not hot.

Super Quiet - Adopted Advanced Ultrasonic Technology, This Essential Oil Diffuser Is Extremely Quiet Without Annoying Noise That Won't Disturb You When You Sleep Or At work. It Gives Out Ultra Fine And Smooth Mist Which Can Soften And Moisten Dry And Chapped Skin In winter. It Also Helps You Breathe Better When Your Are Sleeping With Air Conditioner on.

Cool, Soothing mist - our mist feature projects continuous or intermittent cool vapor, Projecting fragrant oil particles. Peaceful, Quiet and temperature safe-you'll feel the benefits without noticing it's on!

oil diffuser fills your space with a lovely fragrance that can lift the mood and relieve stress from stressful and tired day, Perfect for masking stubborn smoking and pet odors.

Whisper-quiet and auto shuts off - humidify your living space to prevent dry, Stuffy air and flu/Cold germs infecting your loved ones, Enjoying lovely fragrance and benefit from aromatherapy healing.

Lotus Wood Grain Version Details:

-200ml large capacity water tank, continuous work for 6 hours, intermittent work for 12 hours

-Baby food grade PP water tank material

- Water-free power-off function, prevent dry burning, safe and secure

- Silent, below 30 decibels, rest assured sleep-3 timing, set 1H, 3H, 5H

-Waterproof air duct system, effectively reducing the risk of water exposure to electrical parts

- Breathable gradient atmosphere light, 4-color gradient breathing atmosphere light, choose your favorite color at any time

-Smart Audio,4.0 Bluetooth system for energy saving, fast transfer and easy matching with your phone, iPad and any other device with Bluetooth function.Independent music loudspeaker in the bottom with 360-degree stereo for a high quality sound.

Start using
1. Press the "power" machine to enter the standby mode, the red indicator below the power button lights up.
2 Press the "Fog" machine to turn on the continuous spray mode, the lower "Fog" light turns blue. Press this button again to turn on the intermittent spray mode. Press this button again to turn off the spray function.
3 Press the "Light" button, the ambient light starts to light up, and the color begins to change cyclically. Press this key again to maintain the current color. Press this key again to turn off the ambient light.
4. Press the "Time" button to time 1H / 3H / 5H.

Play music
1. Press the "Bluetooth" button, the machine turns on the Bluetooth function, at the same time, the blue indicator light at the bottom lights up and the blue flashes.
2. Turn on the Bluetooth device you want to connect and click search. When "aroma diffuser" appears, after the pairing is successful, the audio will emit a corresponding prompt tone, and the indicator light will turn solid blue
3. When the Bluetooth device is successfully connected, open the device player and click to play. At this time, the song is transferred to the aromatherapy machine, and the music is played through the aromatherapy machine speaker.


1. After the product is sprayed for a long time, the spray port has some condensed water, which causes the spray port to be blocked. It is necessary to clean the spray port and continue to use it.

2. It is forbidden to open the cover with water or essential oil during the product spraying process.

3. When the water tank is short of water, the machine will automatically turn off after flashing red light.

Package Content

1 *200ml Aroma Diffuser

1 * Adapter

1 * User Manual


1. Do not add water exceed MAX line (less water, more mist)

2. Clean the diffuser regularly after 8-9 times use.

3. The power adapter is packed in the bottom of the packing box. Please lift up the diffuser to find it.