Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Aluminum Shell Portable Waterless Aromatherapy no Water Scent Machine,


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Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Aluminum shell Portable Waterless Aromatherapy,No Water Scent Machine, Purifying Air Silent Home


Material: PP+Aluminium alloy


Power: DC 5V, 3W


Voltage:100-240V AC


Weight: 400g

Applicable area: 15-35 square meters

Power cord length: 100cm

Mist time:10hours(interval mist for 6 hours)

Accessories:USB AC adapter,USB cable,Mist spray head, User manual,10ml essential oil empty bottle

Clean what I can. Reducing breathing

For the health of you and your family, experience the freshness of nature and bring you a scented life.

Fine and moisturizing. Very fine cold fog. Pure essential oils are released, and the fragrance is immediately experienced.

Essential oil aromatherapy

Pure essential oil aroma, better aromatic effect, using new technology, does not destroy the molecular structure of essential oils, emits essential oils, diffuses aromatic into the air, and has a uniform volatilization area to meet space requirements.

Aluminum shell

All-metal body design, sturdy, stylish, atmospheric. Full of quality, more resistant to essential oil corrosion.

Make it simple

One button to open and close, diversified operation, strong function. Independent pointed design, easy to guide and take out, easy and fast.


- Oil is not included in the package.

- Please read the instructions carefully before use.