Usb Mini Pure Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Ufo Wood Grain Fan Aromatherapy Machine Aromatherapy with


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USB Mini Essential Oil Diffuser UFO Wood Grain Fan Aromatherapy Machine Aromatherapy with Higher Atomizing

Product name UFO wood grain fan aromatherapy machine


1. Product size is about: 12.5 * 12.5 * 4.5cm

2. Function: Aromatherapy

3. Rated power: 1.5W-2W

4.Accessories: USB cable + manual

5. Voltage: DC5V, 1A

6. Color: Wood grain

Product graphics

1. Add a few drops of plant essential oil to make your life moist and comfortable, and the surrounding area is filled with fresh fragrance.

2. The product is quiet when working, the sound shell is controlled within 36 decibels, no matter the use during work and rest, there will be no noise impact.

3. Convenient and compact, easy to carry and make life closer to nature.

4. The USB adapter supplies power and touches the blue light from the power button.

The above dimensions are measured manually in kind. There will be 1-2mm errors due to different measurements at that time. The relevant data is for reference only.