i.Pet 102cm Multi Level Cat Scratching Tree Post - Grey



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102cm Multi Level Cat Scratching Tree Post - Grey

Designed as one integrated ensemble, the 3-tier Pet Scratch Tree features a tall and a short sisal-wrapped 7.5cm thick pole, both mounted with plush polyester fur cradles at their tops with a likewise upholstered perching platform in the middle of the taller pole.

* 102cm tall cat tree
* 3-level design
* Large base
* Movable ramp
* Fully-wrapped sisal posts
* Comfortable cradles
* Polyester fur cover
* Two dangling toy
* 7.5cm extra thick solid post
* Eco-friendly sisal
* E1 standard board

* Material: E1 standard board
* Sisal: Non-toxic
* Post diameter: 7.5cm
* Dangling toy: 2
* Platforms: 2
* Cradles: 2
* Colour: Grey
* Overall dimensions: 49cm x 61cm x 102cm

Package Content:
1 x Cat scratch tree
1 x Assembly kit
1 x Assembly manual