8-level Fitness Resistance Bands Exercise Loop Training Rubber Bands


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  • 4 Resistance Loop Bands  - 1 Red (Light) Band - 1 Blue (Medium) Band - 1 Green (Heavy) Band - 1 Black (X-Heavy) Band 
  • Resistance bands training can be great either for intense workouts or for injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Use them Anywhere - The exercise bands fit easily into the small carry bag provided. Use them at home, in the gym, when travelling or as part of an exercise class.
  • Size:25x5CM / 30x5CM (tolerance: +/-1CM)


  • Special Thickness: According to a survey, many experienced resistance exercisers are not satisfied with the thickness of most resistance bands in sets on the market.
  • We offer a set of thicker resistance loop bands(12x2''):   Light 0.75 mm; Medium 1 mm; Heavy 1.21 mm; and X-Heavy 1.45 mm.
  • Premium Quality: Our 12x2'' heavy duty resistance loop bands are made of 100% natural latex, which is different from those that break easily like TPE. 100% natural latex is more durable and able to stretch further.
  • You will feel more resistance than with similar products with the same specifications.