Giantz 2.02 x 3.89m Metal Shed - Grey


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Giantz 2.02 x 3.89m Metal Shed - Grey

Our garden shed is constructed of galvanized steel and polypropylene. It is corrosion-resistant and weatherproof. It features a steel base frame with four air vents on top of the sloped roof for ventilation. The sloping roof also helps to drain water fast. It has double sliding doors and is maintenance-free.

* Galvanized steel and polypropylene (PP) construction
* Sloped roof
* Double sliding doors
* Four air vents
* Maintenance-free
* Corrosion-resistant
* Metal base frame
* Easy assembly

* Colour: Grey
* Material: Galvanized steel, 0.25mm colour board, 0.6mm zinc steel frame
* Size with roof: 260cm x 389cm x 202cm (W x D x H)
* Sliding door size: 95cm x 164cm (W x H)
* Metal base frame: 375cm x 247cm (L x W)
* Each vent size: 23cm x 10 m (L x W)

Package Content:
1 x Metal Garden Shed
1 x User Manual