Honana BH-225 Mesh Laundry Filter Wool Washing Ball Hair Removal Device Magic Floating Washing Bag


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Description :
Honana BH-225 Mesh  Laundry Filter Wool Washing Ball Hair Removal Device  Magic Floating Washing Bag
Features :

It's easy to clean and floats right on top of the clothes.
When washing clothes can absorb excess hair to the net- make more clean-and wash clothes and do not damage the clothes.
Best for small portable washers and you are having problems with lint.
Fit who have fluffy pet like dogs or cats.
Specification :

Material :Polyester+PP
Color : Blue, Green, Pink
Size : 14.5*9.9 cm 
Package Includes :

1 x Honana BH-225 Mesh  Laundry  Ball 
Details Pictures :


  • Material:Polyester+PP

  • Color: blue green pink

  • Size: 14.5*9.9 cm