2pk Neutriherbs Beard Oil - 30ml

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2pk Neutriherbs Beard Oil - 30ml

We make our Beard Oil using only the highest-quality, plant-based ingredients that promise to revitalize and strengthen your beard. The trick is in providing your follicles with the proper nourishment. Maintaining a healthy balance of oils, not only helps maintain natural lustre and shine, they help you wield control over your beard and greatly reduce itchiness and irritation. 

Features & Specifications: 
  • Deeply moisturizes and conditions your facial hair without clogging your pores- softens it and makes it easier to maintain 
  • Effectively promotes healthy hair growth 
  • Prevents split ends and breakage 
  • Soothes and rehydrates your skin 
  • Reduces the discomfort of dry skin and itchiness 
  • Enhances elasticity 
  • Controls sebum production and restores your skin's natural healthy balance 
  • Unscented 
  • Size: 30ml 1oz dropper cap for easy controlled dispensing, great value by volume bottle, lasts longer than most on the market. 
  • USAGE: Drop a generous amount into your palm, rub hands together and massage into beard hair and the skin underneath. Avoid contact with eyes and don't ingest. 
Package Includes: 
  • 1 x 2pk Neutriherbs Beard Oil-30ml