Heelys Premium 1LO Kids Skate Roller Shoes Sneaker Boys Girls LED Luminous Black US5



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What are Heely's? They're shoes that roll! These one of a kind, powerful, lightweight athletic shoes feature a single, stealth wheel housed in the heel, allowing athletes of all skill levels to walk, run and transition to a roll at any moment. Roll into all situations, or simply remove the wheel and transform your Heely's into a pair of fashionable street shoes!

  • Synthetic leather upper with padded tongue and collar for optimal comfort and protection
  • Embossed Heelys Logo on the side quarter
  • ABEC 5 bearings for easy manoeuvre and better stability
  • Translucent outsole featuring bright rechargeable LED's around the perimeter
  • Power button located on the tongue 12 different light sequences
  • Dual Prong charger included in package so both shoes can be charged at the same time!
  • Quick 3 hours for full charge

  • Package Content:
  • 1 x Heelys Roller Shoes