Yookidoo Pirate Play Set



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A battery operated musical parrot and pirate rattle set. Great value 2-in-1 set. Development of Eye Tracking Skills Shake the pirate rattle in front of your baby's face to attract his attention and develop eye tracking skills at an early age. Strengthening Shoulders and Chest Muscles In tummy time, shake the rattles slightly above and in front of his to encourage his to lift her head and find the sound. This will help strengthen his shoulders and chest muscles. Auditory and Tactile Stimulation Encourage your baby to explore the various textures by touching and putting the rattles in his mouth. Make up your very own adventure stories using the rattles as the main characters. Your baby may not understand your words but he will love the attention and the tone of voice. A set of motion activated electronic musical parrot and pirate rattle. Parrot pal whistles sillily and plays music when shaken or tapped. Parrot has multiple textures, a crinkly bandanna, colorful sliding beads and an easy to grab handle especially designed for tiny grasps. On/off button for silent play. Includes a Yookidoo Fun Link enabling to attach pirate to almost anything.

Package Content:

1 x Yookidoo Pirate Play Set