Customer Service & Complaints

What is a complaint?
A complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction made to the organization, related to its goods & services, or the complaints-handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected.
Any person or customer who is dissatisfied with a goods & service provided by the organization, for any reason, may contact Goslash to complain. A complaint may be oral or written.

How a complaint may be made
• Click on the “Contact Us “ tab at our website
• By email using email address:
• By mail at:

Sales Pro LTD
Po Box 6676,
Upper Riccarton 8442.
Christchurch, New Zealand

What information is required when making a complaint?
Customer contact details, including name, address and contact numbers a brief description of the complaint and copies of any relevant documents.

Acknowledgement of complaints
We are committed to acknowledging all complaints immediately upon receipt. Once a complaint has been received, we will undertake an initial review of the complaint and look to address it expeditiously’

Customer rights during the complaint process
You have the right to inquire as to the status of your complaint by contacting the employee who has been identified to you as handling your complaint.