10 Pack of self Adhesive Nasal Strips


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10 Pack of Self Adhesive Nasal Strips

-To improve sleep disorders caused by nasal congestion, temporarily reduce or alleviate snoring.
-To recover the weak muscles from its original metabolic activities.
-Its usage is quite simple, safe and effective.
-No side effects.
-Suitable for different ages, different genders of all types of snoring.
-Expand nasal passages.
-Used for relief nasal congestion caused by cold, allergy and rhinitis.
-Helps improved breathing through the nose by gently opening the nasal passage.
-Ideal for Dry or Sensitive Skin
-Gentle on skin. Easy to remove. Comfortable to wear.

-Size: approx. 55 mm x 18 mm
-Main material: surface material ( breathable transparent porous PE or non-woven materials), pressure-sensitive adhesives, elastic material (polyester) and back sticker.
-Store in a cool and dry place.

Package Includes:
1 x 10 Pack of Self Adhesive Nasal Strips