100cm Koi Nobori Carp Wind Sock Koinobori Fish Kite Flag Hanging Decor


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100cm Koi Nobori Carp Wind Sock Koinobori Fish Kite Flag Hanging Decor

Brand new and high quality.
This Japanese Carp fish windsock is also known as a Koi Nobori or Koinobori.
It would make a great colourful outdoor decoration for the home or the perfect marine flag for any boat.
Waterproof, Durable with wire mouth, Ready to hang!

Material: Satin
Length: Approx. 1M
Open mouth diameter: Approx. 120mm
Color: Red/Pink/Blue/Black/Green

Meaning of Japanese Koinobori:
The Carp has always been regarded for its determination and strong will. This notion of the carp is a symbol of strength and tenacity can be traced back to a legend in China where a saying goes that a carp can swim against the current up the fast-flowing Hwang Ho river to become a dragon. They are frequently shown in Japanese artwork as swimming up waterfalls or strong river currents.
Throughout all of Japan, the Koi Nobori is displayed across the yards of each family's home, about a week before May 5th to a week after. On Japanese Boy's day, May 5th of each year these windsocks are flown in celebration of the safety, health and strength of the boys of each family in Japan. The colourful sight (especially when viewed from the Bullet Train) is incredible as they are seen strewn across the countryside.
"Colorful carp streamers" are the famous symbol to celebrate "Children's day". Many parents display them hoping that children will grow up with courage and wisdom.
Koi=Carp Nobori=A thing like a flag.

Package Included:
1x Japanese Koinobori