224X152cm Silver/Camouflage Car Sunshade Windscreen Cover Shield Snow Rain Dust UV Protection


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1. Good quality elastic band: The front and back elastic band make the cover more fit for the car.
2. Mirror Protection Eyebrow: With Reflector design, it better fit for the car body and protect the car from being hit.
3. Double Line Sewing: Double line suture make it being more solid and difficult to open when it is being pulled.
4. Aluminum Film Material: It make the car cover have the characteristic of avoiding hurting the car paint, sunscreen,
    heat insulation, snow and rain, dust prevention, anti scratch, UV protection, and tensile resistance.
5. Inside: High density cotton lint layer, can better protect the paint, and prevent paint scratches.
6. The four round of binding: With binding and windbreak belt wheel, the wind effect is good,and do not worry about car
    cover being blown away.


 Material  Aluminum-plated Steel+Cotton
 Size  224*152 cm
 Color  Camouflage/Silver
 Weight  Silver Type 503g, Camouflage Type 572g

1. The pictures are reference only, the actual products shall be prevail.
2. Please allow 5-10cm differs due to manual measurement.

Package Included:
1 X Car Sunshade