2pcs 100cm Elastic no Tie Shoelaces Lazy Free Tie Sneaker Laces with Buckles Sports Running


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 Color Black, White, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Red
Width 0.75cm/ 0.30inch
Length 1m/ 39.37inch
Material Polyester
Weight Approx.20g

Buckle clips work greatly with shoe laces, can fasten the shoe lace and prevent slipperiness.
Strong elasticity allows more flexibility.
Hand-free shoe laces for lazy guys.
Just slip your foot in and out, no more tying and untying.
Suitable for various shoe types.
Perfect for athletes, runners, golfers etc.

Rapid to try on, quick to loose, the locking laces provide a better fit which helps improve performance and avoids the inconvenience of traditional laces.

Package Included:
2 x Shoelaces
4 x Buckles