2pcs Diy Woodworking Dovetail Rule Marker Hand Cut Wood-joints Gauge Guide Tools


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2Pcs DIY Woodworking Dovetail Rule Marker Hand Cut Wood-Joints Gauge Guide Tools

Material: Stainless steel
Size:59x120mm / 2.3x4.7 in
Usage:Woodworking marking tools
1. The flat and uniform contact surface of the template allows the traced contour to be easily transferred to other workpieces.
2. Copy machine profiler copy machine scale 4 inch, plastic outline copy reproduction a tool suitable for woodworking to determine the exact location of the center of the sheet during sheet cutting,pin joints,assembly,etc.
3. It has good rust resistance,wear resistance and durability.
4. A handy gadget to help pinpoints the exact swallowtail.
5. Accurate marking is a good helper for woodworking. The precise dovetail configuration angle is simple and accurate.
6. Small size,you can carry it with you
7. Unique design is a good helper for woodworking operations
8. High strength,good wear resistance,engraving scale,can be observed clearly.
Package Included:
2 Pcs x Dovetail Rule