2pk Colgate Pain out Express Relief | 50gm


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Colgate Pain Out :

  • Colgate pain out provides active protection from gum disease and support for the natural healing of inflamed and damaged tissue in the mouth.
  • Use Colgate dental express Gel on inflamed and receding gums or any discomfort of the mouth or gum tissue.
  • Weight:- 50gm- each unit

Colgate Pain Out Benefits :

  • Scientifically trusted ingredients- Eugenol, Camphor & Menthol.
  • * Gives express relief from tooth pain in three minutes with just one drop.
  • * Gives symptomatic relief from tooth pain. For cure, one must visit a dentist.
  • * Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine.

Colgate in it’s constant endeavor to come up with path-breaking technologies, brings to you Pain Out, a first of its kind dental gel which gives express relief from tooth pain in just three minutes. It helps you to get back to your work relieving you of the excruciating pain.

Package Includes: 

  • 2 x Colgate Pain Out