3 Speed USB Rechargeable Water Flosser Powerful Pulsation Oral Irrigator 160ml


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1.Scavenging dental plaque, fresh breath, and refusing embarrassment
2.Replacing traditional tooth cleaning tools to remove residual bacteria between teeth.
3.The operation is simple, and the old man and the child can get up quickly.
4.No trace of high frequency pulsed water column:Using high frequency pulse water to impact, remove teeth, gums, dental caries and other hidden parts of bacteria and residues to eliminate bad breath, which brings different refreshing feelings.
5.2 minutes and 14 days of health in your mouth:Using the tooth punching device for 2 minutes every day to wash away the bacteria and residue in the hidden parts of the teeth, Gums and cavities. The 14 day can effectively improve the Gums disaster and reduce the Gums bleeding and remove dental plaque.
6.700MAH high efficiency battery strong power, charging 3 hours long extended 72 hours.
7.PX7 waterproof:The shower is available to support the wash
1.Mode:3 Speed mode
3.Suitable for people over 8 years of age
Package Include:
1 X Host
2 X Nozzle
1 X USB Charging Cable