300pcs Xiaomi Soocare Professional Dental Tools Flosser Ergonomic Design


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Description : 

300pcs Xiaomi Soocare Professional Dental Flosser Ergonomic Design FDA Testing Food Grade
Soocare floss is made of high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, which was previously used for military body armor.
Soft and strong pull, the maximum load-bearing 3.15kg, and not easy to split the crack, easy to slide into the teeth, gentle care gums.

Round floss of polymer fiber slides smoothly between tight teeth with soft and super strength for gums care.
Tilted tail edge, anti-slip rough texture, easy to remove the food residues.
Designed with a tongue scraper, safer to take care of your mouth.
Place it on the teeth slits and move it up and down.
Used with SOOCAS sonic toothbrush to have a brighter smile.


Brand Xiaomi
Material High molecular weight polyethylene fiber
Size 75 x 21mm / 2.95 x 0.83 inches 
Color Blue
Polymer Material /ergonomic Design/FDA Food Test/Food Grade

Package Includes:

6 x 50pcs Xiaomi Soocare Superfine Dental Flosser