30w Electric Desoldering Pump Soldering Iron Pen Welding Suction Heating Suction


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* Before using, spin the cylinder and the suction nozzle tight to prevent leakage. Otherwise, it will affect the suction.
* Clear the solder impurities in the suction nozzle and the cylinder frequently, and add a little oil to the piston
* every time after using, push the piston 3-4 times to remove the residual straw for the suction nozzle and straw's next smooth use
* the suction tin device is strictly prohibited to install and remove part of its electric parts when powered on.
* It's normal that there is slight smoke due to heating when the first time to use the new tin suction pump. It will naturally disappear after ten minutes.
* If the power cord is damaged, to avoid danger it must be replaced by the manufacturer or maintenance department or similar full-time personnel.

* 842A electric dual-use suction tin sucker has a beautiful appearance, easy to suck in.
* It can be used to take the components off the circuit board while not damaging the components and circuit boards.
* It is specially used for the replacement of integrated circuits and multi-foot switch.
* The suction tin sucker can be used as a general electric iron.
* It is an essential tool for defense, scientific research, communication, aerospace, computer, radio, television, electronic professional maintenance personnel, and the majority of radio enthusiasts.

Package Includes:
* 1 x Electric Tin Suction Sucker
* 1 x PCB Board Nozzle Cleaner
* 1 x Replaceable Nozzle