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4pcs Heat Resistant BBQ Grill Mat



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4pcs Heat Resistant BBQ Grill Mat


  • CLEAN UP HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER: Enjoy better flavours and healthier meals without the need for extra oils and fats; our 100% nonstick grill mats ensure cleanup is a breeze; you can stick your grill mats right in the dishwasher or rinse with soap and water
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS: The grilling mats and BBQ sheets with up to 500° heat resistance and made with durable layers of PTFE Teflon, reducing flare-ups and charred food; heat is conducted evenly giving you the perfect grill marks on chicken, steak, and burgers
  • FIT FOR ANY GRILL OR OVEN: Mats will provide more than enough to cut and trim for use on any grill, stove, pan, cake tin or oven liner; even works great for baking bread, cookies, and pizza
Specification :
  • Material:- Teflon
  • Colour:- Copper
  • Size:- 400mm x 250mm x 0.1mm
Package Includes :
4 x BBQ Grill Mats