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4-IN-1 Combo 14MP Photo/Film/Slide/Business card Scanner (CI-PFS979)

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4-in-1 photo/negative/slide/business card scanner with 2.4' colour lcd display and photo editing - convert your photos, negatives, slides & business card to digital files (jpeg)

* Convert your photos, 35mm Film and Slides to Digital files
* Capture 3.5'x 5', 4'x6', 5'x7' Photo Print Sizes
* 4' Inch Colour LCD Display
* 14MP CMOS sensor provides 12 bits per colour channel for data conversion, and uses fixed focus and automatic exposure control
* Scans images and provides super sharp, high resolution images up to 3,600 dpi and uses three white LED's as a back light source
* Instant capturing technology digitizes high resolution JPEG files within seconds
* Preview, Playback and Editing Functions
* Handy USB connection to PC for easy file transfer and power supply
* No warm-up, calibration or scanning head movement
* A great way to archive Photos, Films, Slides, and Business Cards

* Suitable Operating system: F rom XP to Win 10
* Input Media: 3.5'x 5', 4'x6', 5'x7' Photos, 35mm Film and Slides
* Interface: USB 2.0
* Image Sensor: 14 Mega Pixel CMOS Sensor
* Lens: 2G3P F/NO=3.98 f=5.22 Film Range:51.5mm F/NO=3.4 f=5.12 Photo Range:170mm
* Display: 2.4' Inch Colour LCD Screen
* Focus Range: Fixed Focus
* Exposure Control: Automatic
* Colour Balance: Automatic
* Data Conversion: 12 Bits Per Colour Channel
* Scan Method: Single Pass
* Scan High Resolution: 14 Mega Pixels / 22 Mega Pixels Interpolation Resolution
* Light Source: 7 x 2 white LED/Backlight (3 white LED)
* Internal Built-in Memory: 32M
* External Memory Support: SD/MMC (Memory Card Not Included)
* File Format: JPEG
* Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese
* Power: USB AC Adaptor
* Weight: 845g
* Dimensions: 220mm(L) x 208mm(W) x 147mm(H)
* Package Includes: 4in1 Scanner, 4in1 Photo Tray, Negative Film Tray, Slide Tray, Business Card Holder, USB Cable, AC Adapter, OCR CD, User's manual

Package Includes:
1 x 4-IN-1 Combo 14MP Photo/Film/Slide/Business card Scanner