4/7/9 Inch Afg Type Light Woodworking Spring Clamp Fast Woodworking Clip Clamping Tools


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4''/7''/9'' AFG Type light woodworking spring clamp, fast woodworking clip clamping tools, two-color handle.

Type: AFG
Color: Red and black
Material: Plastic
Size 4'' 7'' 9''
Clamp body length 110mm 175mm 200mm
Maximum opening 50mm 75mm 100mm
Clamping depth 50mm 75mm 100mm
Clamp force 10kg 15kg 15kg

1. Clamps: the whole is made of high-strength ABS plastic with high hardness, not easy to be oxygenated and easy to carry.
2. Spring: the Spring is made of 65 manganese, with a long Spring life, no deformation, strong fatigue resistance, good aspirations and strong clamping.
3. Anti-skid handle: double-color rubber grip handle with comfortable grip and anti-skid and wear-resistant. Red and black are simple and fashionable in appearance, and black anti-skid adhesive never comes off. The structure is designed according to ergonomics to bring better operation experience.
4. Strong clamping force: a powerful, convenient and practical magazine, which can be used for quick fixation of small workpieces.
5. Movable clamps: the clamps of two-color spring clamps and horizontal spring clamps are made of movable clamps, which can effectively protect the watch which holds the tin from scratch and is convenient to use.

Package Included:
1 x Woodworking Spring Clamp