4pk Solar LED Fence Light

Garden and Outdoor 4pk Solar LED Fence Light SALE


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Solar LED Fence Light

  • Stay safe, avoid trips and falls, and enjoy your outdoor spaces at night. Place these wireless lights wherever you need illumination. 12-lumen brightness is perfect for landscape, accent, and decorative lighting.
  • Don't worry about turning lights on and off. Automated with built-in dusk till dawn sensor ON-OFF switch. 1 day of sunshine provides 6-8 hours of light at night.
  • Designed by real homeowners for real life. Industrial grade ABS plastic with UV fade protection. Hardened tempered glass protect solar panels. IP44 Weatherproof. LEDs last 100,000 hours.
  • Super easy installation. Mount along the edge of any flat surface - stair, rail, walkway, path, etc. 
  • Advanced monocrystalline solar panels on each lamp charge a 1.2v 400mAh Ni-MH AA rechargeable battery.

Package Includes

4 x Solar LED Fence Light