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5pc Blemish Extractor Tool Kit



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5pc Blemish Extractor Tool Kit

Don’t do more damage to your skin by digging your nails in, equip yourself with the right tools for fast and effective pimple and blackhead removal. Squeezing spots with your fingers can cause damage to the affected and surrounding area leading to marks and scarring, as well as further infections. Do it right with this handy kit, an essential for anyone with spot-prone skin. With five different tools you'll pop and squeeze dirt out of blocked and infected pores with ease.


With five different tools for popping, squeezing and easing out dirt.
Designed to help minimise scarring and marks from popping spots.
A must-have for spot-prone skin!

1* Double-looped tool
1* Needle extractor tool
1* Cone dome extractor tool
1* Leather zippered case
Two additional extractors

These spa professional-inspired tools apply steady, even pressure to help ease blackheads, whiteheads, and lurking pimples out of individual pores without causing collateral damage to the surrounding skin.

How To Use a Looped Extractor


Wash your face, hands, and the tool you’re going to use. Surround the blackhead or pimple with the loop, and press down firmly and evenly. As the pore starts to empty out, slowly glide the tool across the blemish to ensure all the pus and dirt that was trapped inside is squeezed out. Thoroughly wash your face, hands, and the tool when the extractions are complete.