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4 Window & Door Alarms


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4 Window & Door Alarms 


6 Window & Door Alarm is a standalone magnetic break contact alarm with built in siren and comes with all the fixings needed. No wiring needed. It is battery operated and features a low battery indicator tester to check the status of the batteries.

Keep your belongings secure with this set of 4 window and door alarm. Perfect for windows, doors, cabinets and closets, these alarms are activated when two panels are separated. The magnetic switch is easy to install with double-sided tape on the bottom case and the alarm can be switched on and off. 


  • Easy to install and requires no wiring.
  • Includes two 120-decibel window/door alarms for peace of mind.
  • Window/door alarms feature easy access off/chime/alarm switch.
  • Low battery test button to check battery life.
  • All mounting hardware included.


  • Easy setup battery operated – no wiring.
  • Single magnetic break contact alarm.
  • Loud 110+ dB siren built in.
  • Alarm activate immediately on the door or window opening. 

Package Includes:

  • 1 X 4 Window & Door Alarms 

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