6/8/10/12mm Baby Bed Crib Screws Hardware Drill Guide Hole Punch Locator Flat Screw Drill Jig for


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Product Name 2 In 1 Baby Bed Screw Drill Locator
Material Aluminum Alloy Body and Stainless Steel Drill Bushing
Color Black and Silver
Surface Treatment Surface Anodization
Drill Bushing Size 6/8/10/12mm
Horizontal Adjustment Range
Vertical Adjustment Range


1. Made of aluminum alloy body and stainless steel bushing, durable and accurate to use.

2. Including 6/8/10/12mm 4 kinds drill bushing, meet different connector meet.

3. Easy to operate and make drill easier and precision.

Package Includes:

1x Drill Guide
1x 6mm Drill Bushing
1x 8mm Drill Bushing
1x 10mm Drill Bushing
1x 12mm Drill Bushing