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8 Magnetic Eyelash Extensions


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8 Magnetic Eyelash Extensions

Features & Specifications:

  • Magnetic Eyelashes; No glue required, Mess free
  • Perfect Eyelashes in Seconds. Easy to apply and remove. Quick, easy and so glamorous when you need it.
  • Material: Polyester
  • The lashes are full and long so they can be trimmed to your preferred length and style
  • Due to hygiene reasons we cannot accept this item back for a refund.

How to Apply:

  • Lay a microfiber cloth down in front of you.

Wherever you’re applying your lashes, lay a microfiber cloth down in front of you. Set your magnetic false eyelashes on this cloth. If they fall while you’re applying them, they’ll be easier to find if they land on the cloth. 

  • Place the top lash strip over your eyelashes.

Remove the top strip and place it just over your eyelashes near the outer corner of your eye. Get the top lash strip as close to your lash line as possible.

  • Put on the bottom lash strip.

Use your thumb and index finger to pick up the bottom lash strip. Place it just underneath the top lash strip. The magnets should click in place.

  • Remove the lashes

When you want to remove the lashes, gently grab them between your thumb and index finger. Shift them between your fingers until you feel the magnets come apart. Then, carefully pull the magnetic lashes away from your eyelashes.

Magnetic eye lashes are reusable and can be used multiple times before they need replacing. When you take them out, put them back in their original container for later use. Keep the container in a safe space where it will not get damaged.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 8 Magnetic Eyelash Extensions