8 Strength Levels USB Rechargeable Mole Tag Remover Pen



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8 Strength Levels USB Rechargeable Mole Tag Remover Pen
1. Upgraded 8-Speed Professional Standard Mole Remover Pen. The skin tag remover pen has 8 level speed
   to adjust that is designed for dark or shallow moles, freckle and tattoo. Higher the level, more quickly it rotates.
   It is suggested to use 1-3 levels step by step slowly to remove the tags or moles to prevent any skin burning damage.
   If it is very dark or hereditary mole, please ask the professional doctor to remove it.
2. Advanced Mole Remover Technology No Bleeding Safe & Effective.
3. USB Rechargeable Electric Mole Freckle Remover Pen for Easy Use. The mole remover pen comes with
    a USB cord to charge the mole removal machine. 

Item Type: Mole Remover Pen
Color: Purple, Red, Gold
Level: Adjustable 8 Level
Power Supply: USB Rechargeable
Material: ABS + Copper needle
Scene: Home
Packaged Included: 
1 x Laser Freckle Removal Pen
1 x Fine Needle
1 x Coarse Needle
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual