9~32V 52mm Fuel Level Gauge Meter Sensor Sender For Motorcycle Car Truck


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9~32V 52mm Fuel Level Gauge Meter Sensor Sender For Motorcycle Car Truck
The fuel level gauge is suitable for all kinds of oil level sensor,
using the cross coil drive pointer, product durability and good shock resistance, with anti fog function.
Material: 316L stainless steel front cover
Color: As shown
Product size: approx.55.4mm*53mm
Panel opening diameter : 52mm (2-1/16")
Operating voltage: 9~32V DC
Signal: 0-190Ω
Range: EF
Working current: ≤60mA
Operating temperature:-30~+75℃
Storage temperature: -40~+85℃
Protection level: IP67
Suitable for various oil level sensor, display the position of the oil tank level;9~32V universal.
Main applications: craft, engineering machinery, vehicles, generators, engines, machinery etc.
Connecting Instructions:
Orange - BlackLight
Red - (+9~32V)
Blue - (Battery-)
Black - Sensor signal
Installation Steps
1. As shown in figure A, having a opening of Φ52~53mm on the panel
which is in preparation for installing the instrument , and ensuring the space of at least 70mm behind the panel.
2. As shown in figure B, putting the instrument into the panel with a good opening,
and using accessories F and D t0 lock the instrument.
3. As shown in figure G, inserting the wire harness E into the instrument,
and connecting the wires well according to figure H the schematic diagram. If it is the voltage meter, there is no black wire.
4. Turn on the power, then the instrument can start work.
5. Technical parameter: working voltage: 9~32VDC;
working current is less than or equal to 50mA; working temperature: -30~+75 ℃; storage temperature: -40~+85 ℃.
Package Included:
1 X Fuel Level Gauge & line set
1 X Instruction