90/150cm Diameter Drawing Measure Gauge Distance Compass Woodworking Craft Design Layout Tool


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90/150cm diameter drawing measure gauge distance compass woodworking craft design layout tool


Size (S) 25 x 90 cm
Max diameter 45 cm
Side length 25 cm
Weight About 279g

Size (L) 40 x 150 cm
Max diameter 75 cm
Side length 40 cm
Weight About 381g

- Zinc alloy material, high strength, strong and durable.
- 45 steel material, high strength, not deformation, durable.
- The length of the pen can be controlled by adjusting the knob switch.
- Polypropylene plastics, good insulation, impact resistance and durability.
- Woodworking compasses draw line clear, compact and light, easy to carry.

Package Included:
1 x Woodworking Compass