A2/a3/a4 Cutting Mat self Healing Printed Grid Design Nonslip Framing Surface


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A2/A3/A4 Cutting Mat Self Healing Printed Grid Design NonSlip Framing Surface


Color: Green
Material: PVC
Sizes Available Are :
A2 (450 x 600mm / 18'' depth*24'' width )
A3 (300 x 450mm / 12'' depth*18'' width )
A4 (220 x 300mm / 9'' depth*12'' width )

-The cutting board can protect the blade and extend the service life of the blade;
-The cutting board can also make the cutting more convenient and smooth. You can easily cut a straight line on the cutting board without using a ruler.
-The cutting board can protect the desktop, avoiding the desktop being scratched by various sharp tools, or avoiding glue and paint from contaminating the desktop.
Applicable to: all kinds of writing finished using, craft paper carving, film cutting, model making tools, can also be used as desktop and mouse pad.

Package include:
1 x Cutting Mat