Aluminum Woodworking Tool Drawer Cm/inch Position Cabinet Hardware Jig Guide with 3pcs Drill


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Aluminum woodworking tool drawer cm/inch position cabinet hardware jig guide + 3pcs drills.

Material: Aluminum alloy+Stainless Steel
Hole: 5mm
Scale: cm/inch
Vertical scale: 0-25cm / 0-10 inch
Horizontal scale: 20-0-20cm(40cm) / 8-0-8 inch(16 inch)
Edge to hole-center: 20cm

1. The fastest and most accurate hardware woodworking tool.
2. Saves time wasted making wood templates.
3. With mm / inch scale, made of aluminum alloy and steel, durable.
4. Set it up once and use it repeatedly with no further measurements. This template jig lets you measure out perfect hole positions for cabinet handles, pulls, and knobs.
5. A multiple purpose template for precise installation of Pulls/Knobs on drawers and doors, the L-bracket and top screws keep it dialed in.
6. Crafted with stainless steel and Aluminum, our jig is strong enough for even contractors to use it thousands of times.
7. Replaceable 5mm case hardened steel bushings have a lifetime warranty.

Package Included:
1 x Cabinet Hardware Jig Set
1 x Storage Bag
3 x 5mm Drill