Andrew Savage (from Survivor) Koru

The Bone Art Place Ltd

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A hand carved bone Koru necklace designed for and worn by Andrew Savage of the TV series Survivor.

Featuring flame brushed permanent color accents, complex traditional bindings with a hand plaited waxed braid cord and carved bone toggle.
It also includes a traditional woven presentation case and a detailed description of the meaning of the carving.

Size: 35mm Long (1.5 Inches)

NARRATIVE: by Andrew Savage

I'm blessed beyond words. I certainly believe in luck but I also believe that you make your own luck in this world.
I am of Scottish descent and I live my life based on 3 powerful tenets, deep family love and commitment, courage and honesty.
Each of these principles is embodied in the Savage Koru that I designed.
The Koru represents deep family love and commitment, and one side has the Scottish symbol for courage and the other side has the Scottish symbol for honesty.
Each Savage Koru has been airbrushed using a 3600°F flame to highlight the hand carvings, making every necklace unique.
We used fire to create uniqueness because in Maori culture, fire represents the strength to meet and overcome any adversity, which adds to the power of the Savage Koru.

In times of struggle, I touch my Savage Koru and it brings me strength, focus and determination.
If you believe, the Savage Koru will do the same for you.