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Aquabuddy Swimming Pool Cleaner Floor Automatic Vacuum

Original price $308.99 - Original price $308.99
Original price
$308.99 - $308.99
Current price $308.99
Our cleaner is not suitable for a vinyl pool.

* The automatic pool cleaning system
* Suitable for above ground and in-ground pools (but not with splash pools)
* Reversing assembly so the cleaner can reverse out of tight corners and does not get stuck
* Powered by your existing filtration system - a pump of minimum 0.5-2hp (or with a minimum flow of 1000ga/h)
* Automatic regulator valve sets the ideal suction for peak performance
* Speed regulator to adjust the suction power
* Anti-stick design
* Unique rotation foot
* Suitable for a 0.8-3m deep pool
* The hose is not included

Assembly time: Approx. 15mins

Package Includes:
* 1 x Pool Cleaner
* 1 x User Manual