Aromatherapy Diffuser 200ml Bluetooth Speaker Ultrasonic | 3 Options to Choose


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Aromatherapy diffuser 200ml bluetooth speaker ultrasonic | 3 options to choose

* Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.2 inches
* Shipping Weight: 700g
* Material: PP, ABS
* Capacity of Water Tank: About 200ml
* Noise Level: Less than 36 dB
* Input: AC 100V-240V/50-60HZ
* Output: DC 24V 500mA
* Most Advanced Ultrasonic Technology: 2.4MHz

Package Includes:
* 1 x200ml Aroma Diffuser
* 1 xAdapter
* 1 xUser Manual

Do not add water exceed MAX line (less water, more mist)
Clean the diffuser regularly after 8-9 times use.
The power adapter is packed in the bottom of the packing box. Please lift up the diffuser to find it.