Artificial Bamboo Black Bamboo 160cm Real Touch Leaves


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Artificial bamboo black bamboo 180cm real touch leaves
* Height – 5ft / 160cm
* Starter Planter – Basic Plastic Pot
* This elegant artificial Black Bamboo tree stands at 1.8m from the bottom of the starter planter to the top leaf.
* Real bamboo canes.
* The foliage is a mixture of mid and light green, made from real touch laves.
* Our replica trees are of premium quality made using top quality silks, plastic, and latex to ensure they look lush and healthy for many years.
* The stems on our artificial Bamboo tree are real bamboo canes and the foliage is made from silk polyester.
Where can I use this artificial Bamboo tree?
* You will be able to create an elegant but everlasting look with this artificial Bamboo tree.
* Place it in your home or office environment where a little greenery is required.
* Ideal for creating large tropical arrangements by grouping many bamboos together.
An interesting fact about bamboo trees
Amidst death and destruction, bamboo survived the Hiroshima atomic blast closer to ground zero than any other living thing and provided the first re-greening in Hiroshima after the blast in 1945.

Package Includes:
1 x Artificial Bamboo Black Bamboo 180cm Real Touch Leaves