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Bakeey Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Audio USB Car Kit Music Receiver Adapter


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Music Bluetooth receiver is a cost-effective Bluetooth stereo receiver, support for iPhone, iPad, Android phones, computers and other digital products with Bluetooth, stereo wireless transmission.
1. Wired wireless, can be with the Bluetooth mobile phone, IPAD, Bluetooth computer paired, to achieve speaker wirelessly.
2. Directly plug in the car USB port power supply, 3.5 audio cables is connected to the audio port can be used, simple operation.
1, connected with the speaker
Insert the Bluetooth receiver into a charger or USB port with a 5VUSB interface, then connect the audio cable to the AUX port,
2, matching
1, open the phone (or computer) Bluetooth, search the surrounding Bluetooth device, find "BLS-B1" and its pairing, matching success, you can enjoy high-quality music. The car is the same way.
3, connect the second device:
 1: When the first device is connected, turn off the device Bluetooth, the second phone, in the same way, to connect the device, after connecting the first device to open the Bluetooth, the first will automatically connect the product, so that you can achieve two devices Connection.
1. Power supply: USB 5V power supply 
2. Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR specification
3. Output: 3.5mm audio interface
4. Receiving distance: 10m
5. Standard accessories: 3.5mm audio data cable

Package contents:
1*  Bluetooth 4.1 Music Receiver