Blackhead Cleanser Tool


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Blackhead Cleanser Tool



  • Ø Handheld device uses non-invasive suction power to extract blackheads without impacting surrounding skin.
  • Ø Features four interchangeable heads for adjustable suction force to suit use in extraction, reducing appearance of wrinkles, and improving circulation.



  • Ø Dimensions: 165mm x 50mm
  • Ø Weight: 153g
  • Ø Power supply: charge via USB input
  • Ø Interchangeable heads for different suction types
  • Big hole head: suction with added force, suitable for blackheads and V-shape contour
  • Small hole head: suction with reduced force, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Oval hole head: aids in inducing circulation and reducing appearance of wrinkles
  • Diamond head: provides maximum suction force


Package includes:

  • Ø 1x handheld cleanser tool
  • Ø 1x diamond head
  • Ø 1x big hole head
  • Ø 1x small hole head
  • Ø 1x oval hole head
  • Ø 1x USB cable
  • Ø 1x user manual


Delivery: Within 7 to 21 working days.