Bluetooth App Control 1200 LED Fairy Lights | Lit Length:- 59.95m | Warm White | 8 Lighting effects


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Bluetooth App Control 1200 LED Fairy Lights

Light up your house this Christmas with one of these 1200 LED Fairy warm white lights with 8 effects.


  • Control your light set with the custom app available for Android and iPhone devices.
  • Simply download the app to enable the connection between your smart device and the light set.
  • Group and control up to 8 Light sets per device
  • Adjust brightness with dimmer control
  • Fully Programmable 24 hour/7 day timer.
  • Sync to flash in time with the music ( iTunes only ).
  • Select alternate or synchronised flashing modes.
  • The Bluetooth wireless enables short-range (up to 30m) contact between your smartphone and the transformer on your light set.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use but the transformer /controller must be kept indoors at all time.
  • LED Colour:- Warm White
  • Cord colour:- Green
  • Transformer:- 9W
  • Rated Voltage:- 220-240V~50~60Hz
  • Output:- 31V AC 9W
  • Non-replaceable LEDs
  • Lit Lenght:- 59.95m
  • Lead Length:- 6m

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 1200 LED Fairy Lights
  • 1 x English Manual