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Bubble Space Gun 60ml Solution | Green-Blue

Bubble Space Gun 60ml Solution | Green-Blue


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Bubble Space Gun

Features and Specifications

  • Size:- 12.5x7x12.5cm
  • Colour:-Green-Blue
  • 60ml Solution

How to play:-

  • Attach bubble maker bit here to get ready to make lots of bubbles.
  • Pour solution into the dish.
  • Dip wand into the dish.
  • Lift bubble space gun over the dish to allow excess solution to drip back.
  • Press trigger to make lots of bubbles.

This bubble toy works best when the ward(s) are "primed", after about 8 dips.
If you cannot achieve the desired amount of bubbles, try rinsing the wands with the small amount of water. Let dry, then try again.
Important Information:-

  • Recommend for outdoor use only.
  • Always keep the bubble toy upright.
  • Do not invert the toy during play.
  • Do not shoot bubbles at people or animals.
  • Keep solution outside of the fan vent.
  • Do not drink the bubble solution.
  • If the solution enters the eye, immediately flush with plenty of water. If any irritation occurs, seek medical attention immediately.