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Cabinet Door Handles no Touch Open Door Assistant Portable Anti Germ Elevator

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The product is made of high-quality plastic material, practical and durable.
Epidemic prevention tools, suitable for various environments, can effectively prevent disease infection and protect your personal safety.
Product specification: 11.5 * 2.5 * 3cm, small and light, you can carry it with you, and easily put it in imported bags or bags
It is suitable for use in various environments, such as elevator buttons, door handles and drawer handles. It can protect you when you open the door or elevator.
Self-protection is very important in a special period. This zero contact artifact is equipped with disinfectant, and the built-in sponge can be added repeatedly. It is a necessary epidemic prevention expert for you and your family and friends to go out!

Material: plastic + sponge
Size: 11.5 * 2.5 * 3cm
Colour: pink, blue, black, white(the colour of the built-in sponge is random)

Package Includes:
1 * Handheld Rod