Cloud B - Nighty Night Owl™ Smart Sensor - 8 Soothing Sounds


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Cloud b - nighty night owl™ smart sensor - 8 soothing sounds

* Plays 4 Soothing Sounds and 4 Peaceful Melody Options
* Mother's Heartbeat/Twinkle-Twinkle
* Spring Showers/Rock-a-Bye Baby
* Ocean Surf/Classical Lullaby
* Whale Songs/Tranquil Melody
* Responds and restarts its soothing sounds when baby vocalizes
* Three sound sensitivity levels to adjust the sensor to environmental noise
* Restarts from the last melody played at the same sound level last selected
* Adjustable volume
* Scientifically proven to promote better sleep
* Two sleep-timer options with auto shut-off: 23 and 45 minutes
* Velcro tab for easy attachment to baby’s crib
* Super soft polyester plush
* A removable white noise machine
* Can be machine washed and dried when the sound machine is removed
* Premium quality construction
* Ideal for newborns and up

Package Includes:
* 1 x Cloud b - Nighty Night Owl™ Smart Sensor
* 2 x AA batteries (included)
This is a 100% Original/Authentic licenced product.