Gillette Fusion Men's Razor



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Gillette Fusion Men's Razor

Description & Features

  • When you need to put your best face forward, why not get the powerful shaving technology of Gillette’s Fusion razor? The Gillette Fusion razor combines Gillette’s advanced shaving technology with sophisticated performance to deliver an exceptionally close and comfortable shave. You can take advantage of the 5-blade technology and gentle contouring Microfins standard on the Gillette Fusion Razor. Or power up to the Gillette Fusion Power razor with PowerGlide blades and gently pulsating Micropulses. Either way, you're guaranteed a great shave.
  • Advanced 5-Blade Shaving Technology
  • Flexible Comfort Guard
  • Indicator Lubricating Strip.
Package Include:
  • Gillette Fusion Men's Razor