Daniu 12 Inch 300mm Adjustable Combination Square Angle Ruler 45/90 Degree with Bubble Level


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DANIU 12'' 300mm adjustable combination qquare angle ruler 45°/90° + bubble level multifunctional gauge measuring tools.

Material: Stainless steel + aluminum alloy.
Measuring range: 0-180 degrees.
3 In 1:
Hardened and tempered blade.
With levels on square and protractor heads.
180 degrees protractor and center head.
Reversible protractor head is graduated.
Brass screws and scribe with built in spirit level.
Stainless steel ruler graduated metric and imperial measurement.

- The body is made of high stainless steel materials, which is not rusted and not deformed.
- In the area of microprocessing, the technique of laser technology is used for high precision manufacturing.
- Corrosion-resistant scale, clear fonts.
- Mobile multi-azimuth measurement.
- Big blister design.
- Suitable for measuring, marking out, Woodworking, laying out etc.
Package Included:
1 Set x Combination Square Angle Ruler