Digital Women Basal Measuring Ovulation Body Thermometer



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Loskii DT-12A Digital Women Basal Measuring Ovulation Body Thermometer Rectal Oral Axillary Body Temperature Measurement for Infant Baby Adult
Description :

Loskii DT-12A Digital Women Basal Measuring Ovulation Body Thermometer Silicone Probe Pregnancy Test Thermometers

Measure Basal Body Temperature
--Basal temperature is the temperature of a specific body part right after waking up.
--Start measuring BBT during the first day of your monthly menstrual cycle. The equipment needed for the procedure is basic.
--You will also need a chart showing temperature during each day of your cycle.

Measuring BBT
--BBT must be measured directly after you wake up.
--To get precise readings, you need to measure basal body temperature at the same hour each day.
--Get started during the first day of your cycle, that is the first day during which you get a menstrual bleeding. Measure your temperature in the morning and record the number in your BBT chart.
--The typical pre-ovulation BBT will vary between 36.1 and 36.8 degrees Celsius, though these figures can be strictly individual. The important thing is to notice a change during one day of your menstrual cycle. This high temperature should remain unchanged for at least three days – your ovulation period. A rule of thumb is that temperature after ovulation will remain above 36.5 degrees Celsius.
Features :

High accuracy and fast response.
Waterproof, break-resistant and child-safe probe.
Low battery indication.
Light and easy to carry.
Beeper function.
Memory, automatic shut-off function.
The digital thermometer can only read as º C, it can not be changed to º F.





Specifications :

Unit : Celsius(℃)
Display range : 32.00~43.00º C
Min. Scale : 0.01 º C
Accuracy : ± 0.05º C
Measurement time (reference only, it differs from people to people):
A) 60± 10 seconds (oral)
B) 100± 20 seconds (underarm)
Battery : 1.5V button battery (LR/SR-41)
LCD : 20 x 7 mm
Size : 129 x 22 x 14mm
Package Includes :
1 x Loskii DT-12A Digital Women Thermometer