Drain Cleaning Snake Auger Spinner for Sinks, Baths, Shower, Toilets and Drains


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Drain cleaning snake auger spinner for sinks, baths, shower, toilets and drains
Product and Specification
* Super effective on blockages in sinks, toilets, baths, showers and stormwater drains.
* Heavy-duty great for Trades, commercial, industrial and home usage.
* Easy to use, handheld no need for power batteries or any other tool.
* Safe for the environment, peace of mind no harsh chemicals needed.
* Fast set up, no assembly required ready to go straight from the box.
* Long 4m flexible wire cable to get to those hard to reach places.
* Ergonomically designed handle to reduce fatigue.
* Cable stores neatly inside the unit for safety and to prevent tangles.
* Locking screw holds cleaning spring securely in place.
* Can be used inside and outside.
* Cable Length: 4m
* Size 210mm long, weight 840g

Package Includes:
1 x Drain Cleaning Tool