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Dual Automatic Watering Sprinkler Timer Waterproof Controller System

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* It is designed to make controlling your garden watering simple, easy and extremely flexible so that it meets your precise customized needs.
* Want to wash your car or water your garden manually during an extremely hot day? Simply click on the ‘manual’ button and set your ‘manual’ watering session duration, the manual watering will shut by itself at the desired time.

* can work with rain sensor
* Working water pressure: 1 to 6 bar (15 to 90 psi) (solenoid valve inside)
* Manual Watering: Available (can be set from 1 min,.. up to 240 min)
* Programming: Easy to set with big dial
* Rain Delay: You can set to delay watering by 0H,24 H, 48H, or 72H
* L/R button: to shift between left or right valve
* Energy-saving solenoid valve technology used
* Clock time display
* How Often: can be set from 1h, 2h,4h, 12h,1 day,2 day... up to 7day
* How Long: 1 min, ... up to 360 min
* Can be attached to 3/4''(19mm) or 1''(25mm) tap or faucet
* Solenoid valve used
* Please use clean water ONLY
* 2XAA Alkaline battery(not included)

* Timer Type : Analogue
* Type : Garden Water Timers
* Material : Plastic
* Color: grey and red as the pictures

Package Includes:
* 1 x Dual Automatic Watering Sprinkler Timer Waterproof Controller System