The Elf on the Shelf: a Christmas Tradition (includes Boy Scout Elf with Dark



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* The elf on the shelf: a christmas tradition hardbound children's book and one of santa's special brown-eyed boy scout elves.
* This cleverly rhymed children's book explains the story of Santa's scout elves, who are sent to be Santa's eyes and ears at children's homes around the world!
* Read the storybook to your children, who will then chose a name for their elf. The Elf then receives its magic and can then fly to Santa in the North Pole every night in December.
* This special tradition has captured the hearts of children all over the world who have embraced the magic of adopting their very own scout elf.
* Bring the Christmas magic home to your family this year!
* A Beautifully illustrated children’s book
* One Scout Elf (boy with Brown Eyes)